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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trees a Crowd

Recently we were asked by a good friend, Stephanie Stembridge, the family advocate for Miller Children's Hospital here in Long Beach to help with a project to celebrate the hospitals fall festival. Some of you may remember this is where Miranda first received her treatment when diagnosed with diabetes. We had a choice of painting some signs or making two trees. Well Maura decided to choose the tree option and little did we know at the time how much of a brain twister this was going to turn into. You can see below the steps I took to make the tree and then Maura, who could make a party happen in the space station rallied some friends who helped us put the finishing touches by making the leaves which would be glued to the branches. The kids and Brian had a great time creating their own designs.

Many thanks to these amazing families,

The Weems
The Wilson's
The Gallagher's
The Summers

 The trunk started out as a cylinder for holding concrete to set painted brown. I placed a tomato cage on top to build the branch section and also making it a two piece structure for easier transportation.

 The roots were made from rolled up craft paper.

I used chicken wire to form the branches.

After all the wire branches were made I wrapped them in more brown craft paper. The lower part of the trunk still has to be wrapped in paper to make a more traditional looking trunk.

Ready to have the leaves attached.

 Claire with a great looking offering.

 Finn taking a well earned break for some food.

Erris loved the noodles

The production line is in full swing now

Sorry, I'm done I only build I don't decorate

Future tree builders

At last, one of the finished trees. Great job guys!!

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