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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


....Strawberries everywhere, and all of them could be eaten. Today Miranda, Quinn and I visited Tanaka Farms which is a 30-acre farm nestled beside one of the busiest freeways in the nation...though once you're on the farm you would never realise suburbia is a hop, skip and a jump away. We went with a bunch of other parents and kids from our family support group, Long Beach Little Ones, and it was loads of fun.

We got to ride aboard a wagon which was pulled by a tractor, and every so often we would stop and sample whatever was growing in that area. These veggies were fresh and organic and the kids and adults seemed to love them. Miranda ate bok choy, carrots, a baby onion (yes, an onion...roots and all), sugar snap peas and celery. All along the route we were given some interesting facts and trivia from our guide - for example, did you know that California is responsible for 85% of the nation's strawberry production?

Toward the end of the tour we stopped at the strawberry patch and this is where you are allowed to pick  your own berries. What's more, you can eat them whilst picking! Miranda filled up her container and jumped aboard the wagon with big, red strawberry lips ready with more questions for our guide.

We had a great time at the farm and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun day out with their kids. Thanks again to Andrea for taking the time to organise this veggie field trip.  

Working on her chopping skills

The results of Miranda's harvest - strawberry shortcake