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Sunday, March 13, 2011

1st Birthday...

Saturday was Quinn's first birthday! I can't believe a year has passed already. In the last few months he has started to crawl, point, babble and now he's actually walking. Wherever we go he's always grabbing the limelight and laps up the attention given to him by people everywhere.

His party had an outer space theme and Maura used Paper and Cake for the decorations.  
You can visit there site and browse through the many choices of celebration paper ware. Once you choose the one you like It can be personalised to suit the needs of the party, then all that need's to be done is to print and cut.

I added a few other items like the cupcake stand which I made using Styrofoam, blue paint and some glitter ribbon for the edge. The rocket was made from a packing tube I bought at the post office, some more Styrofoam, foam sheets for the boosters and some other simple decorations. We also picked up some solar planet pictures from a teacher's supply store and hung them from the ceiling.
I made the cupcakes using a Trader Joes cake mix for the base which I thought was really good and the frosting recipe came from here, 
The frosting is definitely a keeper and was sweet but not sore on the teeth and most importantly held up well and was really easy to use. To turn it into chocolate just add 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder to a batch of the classic recipe.

Now to start planning his 2nd birthday.....

Cupcake spikes from Paper and Cake

Lawn dots

Dude, this party is Raaaaad!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This weekend was a busy one and It just had to be the one where I felt like I had been run over by a truck. On Saturday we had a garage sale along with two of our neighbours and we had a lot of people stop by. Our friend, Chris McClain also came over  to see if she could sell some of her large stash of kids clothes.

 Halfway through the selling I had to take Miranda to T ball. She had to have her team pictures taken. This season she will be playing for the Yankees with her first game on March 12th against the Red Sox.

Today I felt better, even the crazy muscle spasm I picked up at T ball by sneezing was feeling more loose. I know It sounds weird but I blew the biggest sneeze and felt like my right shoulder had been pierced by a javelin pole.

 Sunday started with some shopping at Whole Foods for my ingredients to make a Thai chicken curry for dinner. If you ever need coconut milk try their 365 brand. It's the best I've had yet for the price. I tweaked this recipe from Epicurious which didn't call for any lemon grass or chilli's (?) A Thai curry needs these two things and plenty of them in my opinion.

Sell It, they will come.

Thank goodness for the tents, It got really hot.

Chris- "Maura, this plant looks awesome!"
Maura- "I'll sell you this green purse for $10"

I know first base is around here somewhere.....

Team Yankees

My sous.

I know I said a chicken curry and It was but I added a few of these huge shrimp.

Hey Mom, can you get that piece of rice from my chin?