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Sunday, March 6, 2011


This weekend was a busy one and It just had to be the one where I felt like I had been run over by a truck. On Saturday we had a garage sale along with two of our neighbours and we had a lot of people stop by. Our friend, Chris McClain also came over  to see if she could sell some of her large stash of kids clothes.

 Halfway through the selling I had to take Miranda to T ball. She had to have her team pictures taken. This season she will be playing for the Yankees with her first game on March 12th against the Red Sox.

Today I felt better, even the crazy muscle spasm I picked up at T ball by sneezing was feeling more loose. I know It sounds weird but I blew the biggest sneeze and felt like my right shoulder had been pierced by a javelin pole.

 Sunday started with some shopping at Whole Foods for my ingredients to make a Thai chicken curry for dinner. If you ever need coconut milk try their 365 brand. It's the best I've had yet for the price. I tweaked this recipe from Epicurious which didn't call for any lemon grass or chilli's (?) A Thai curry needs these two things and plenty of them in my opinion.

Sell It, they will come.

Thank goodness for the tents, It got really hot.

Chris- "Maura, this plant looks awesome!"
Maura- "I'll sell you this green purse for $10"

I know first base is around here somewhere.....

Team Yankees

My sous.

I know I said a chicken curry and It was but I added a few of these huge shrimp.

Hey Mom, can you get that piece of rice from my chin?


  1. awww adorable. re: covered in rice, thats how my son eats. its crazy!

  2. OK - you're funny! Totally looks like we are saying that! So sorry that you felt so bad, and after a garage sale of all things. Well, if I was gonna share a Saturday of selling my stuff for too cheap, it was so nice to share it with you guys. =) Mir looked just adorable!

  3. This blog is so sweet..I have two their thirties..who have little ones..I am going to share your blog with them..They won't comment:) But they'll look..

    Wonderful blog.!I hope to peruse it soon.