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Sunday, October 17, 2010

On Friday...

I had an appointment at the federal building in Santa Ana. It was a pretty special day for me as I arrived to be interviewed for my U.S citizenship. I was feeling nervous but not sure why, maybe it was the fact that all interviews are a little nerve wracking, had I studied enough to pass the politics and history test or was I just scared to lose the $700 it cost me to go through this unifying process? After all I didn't even need to be a citizen I could just keep myself on a green card status but without the few privileges which citizens share. I chose to become a citizen for a few reasons, when my children are older I don't want them to ask me why I never became naturalised, I don't think there is any valid answer other than laziness or procrastination, two traits I hope they never pick up. I would also like the family to be a unit, all for one and one for all. There are a few other simple reasons like not having to separate from each other when going through customs and of course bragging rights due to having two passports.
Immigration offices are very interesting places I think, and looking around the waiting room on Friday really made me think of how much of a casserole this country really is. There were nationalities of all kinds, INS officers were calling people by names I would have absolutely no idea how to pronounce but to them it looked like just another day at the office. I was finally called on time which was astounding, and made my way to a small office where I proceeded to tell the truth, the whole truth and not much else. They say it can take up to two hours for this appointment to be completed. After a few verification questions it was time for the test. I had studied a lot and they can ask you 10 questions from a choice of 100, you must get 6 correct or you fail. Well the officer fired those first 6 questions and I fired the answers right back at her all correct. Next was the reading and writing test which didn't phase me, been doing that for some time now so if I failed this part something serious was wrong. The interview ended with a "Congratulations I am approving you for citizenship" I did it and all it took was around 20 minutes. Now I have to wait for my swearing in ceremony instructions and it will all be done.
Due to security I couldn't take any pictures of this day so please enjoy these below
Also here are the six questions I was asked, how good is your American politics and history, answers at the foot of the post.

When was the Declaration of Independence drawn up?
Name one of the longest river in America?
Who is the Speaker of the House?
Who lived here before the settlers?
How long is a Presidential term?
What do we call the first 10 amendments of The Constitution?

 Swearing in, I doubt mine will be as cool as this.


  1. Congratulations! I am ashamed and embarrassed to say that I would have only got 3/6 of those questions correct.

  2. Congrats! I just hope my UK citizenship test will be easier... :-)