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Sunday, October 3, 2010

California Dreaming

This past Saturday I had a small win from the California Super lotto so on Sunday I hurried on over to a car show being held at The Los Altos Methodist Church. Ever since I have been able to drive I have always steered towards the older cars owning many back home in Scotland and whilst watching my friends buy newer and more reliable cars, I always stuck with the pre 1975's which would either never start or needed major work done to them. Now here I am living in the land of the true muscle car and temptation is worse than a monkey working in a banana factory.

I wasn't able to buy anything at the show, first of all no one was selling and did I mention how much my winning ticket was? It was $11.
What, I said it was a small win didn't I? Here are some pictures of the cars I was salivating over.


  1. Nice pictures Gerry. The green star chief is my favorite :)

  2. The first car I remember Mom owning was a baby blue Buick Skylark with blue and white leather interior and those big silver locking buttons I used to like to push up and down. Wish she kept that car...

  3. Maura, sweetheart we can take you back to those happy times! It's really easy and we can use the car for educational field trips for the kids. Let your heart take over your mind and just BUY!!!

  4. Work on that lottery, buddy...