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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Funday

I remember going to the circus with my dad when I was a kid and having a great time. Now years later, going to the circus can open a whole can of controversial worms regarding the treatment of the animals which perform in the show. I did think about this before buying the tickets but went ahead and pressed the purchase button anyway. I really didn't think much about it before or during the performance but became well aware of it afterwards on our way back to our car. Protesters had positioned themselves outside of the Honda Center in Anaheim and a few of them were exhibiting their right of free speech. I was approached by a girl who asked me if I would like a brochure on the treatment of circus animals. I politely refused and she said thank you and wished me a good day. Now I can respect her opinion and it almost sounded like she respected mine, shouldn't this be the way we honor each others beliefs and opinions instead of being bullied into someone else's life choices? I experienced the exact opposite after crossing the street where my ears were subject to some mindless verbally abusive screaming from another protester in front of my family and putting a perplexed look upon Miranda's face, who later asked "why was that lady shouting at us?" I have zero respect for that kind of protester who, in my mind is accomplishing nothing towards her cause. We all choose different things in life and have our own opinions. I'm tired of that guilty feeling when leaving grocery stores and being bombarded by kids asking me if I want to save the ocean or support women's rights. Don't get me wrong, the foundations for which they are fronting are extremely worthy causes, but their are better ways to build solid public support.

I realise that not everyone may agree with me, I can respect that but this is my blog about my life as a dad which is why I am writing about it and posting a few pictures. I would not be true to myself if I only wrote about the noncontroversial things in life. I did enjoy the show and it did bring back memories of when I seen my first circus show with my own father who was just trying to give me a happy day. Little did he know that I would duplicate that day with my children. I hope I was as successful as him.


  1. Sorry you had to deal with that. :( Those idiots don't even know they are hurting their cause! Uh! Glad you guys had fun anyways...

  2. Thanks CMM, I truly see both sides of the coin, but life is all about choices good and bad and its kinda up to us to be sensible enough to make those choices. I see people everyday making choices I dont agree with but I dont start screaming at them.