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Sunday, August 8, 2010


A good end to a good day.

Riding on Chris's lap.

A Tyranna..... I forget.

She made it look so easy.

Miranda listening to Coach Johnny.

Touching a sea cucumber, which felt just like jello.

A great white jaw bone.

All alone, it felt like we were vip's.

The week began with a trip to the aquarium. It opens at 9.00am and it definitely pays to be early as we had free run of the exhibits until around 11.00am. After this it becomes full of school kids on field trips and your chances of seeing any fish up close decrease dramatically. Take a picnic and lie on the grass by the lighthouse, feed the birds and watch the sailboats.

Miranda's first T Ball class has started and she seems to really like it. I was so proud of her holding her own in a class full of boys. This class was learning to run the bases.
Tuesday saw us taking a trip to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History in Exposition Park. I fought my way through the millions of kids on field trips and made it to the front desk getting my nine dollars ready and expressing my happiness to the clerk that Miranda and Quinn were free. Little did I know every first Tuesday of the month the museum is free for everyone, donations are gladly accepted though. So that was why it was as busy as LAX. Afterwards we also spent some time in the California Science Center. Again a picnic is best unless you fancy some MacDonald's from the Science Center.
There are some good deals at the Orange County Fair and after purchasing our unlimited rides wristband for $25 Miranda set off with her friend Sky and her mom, Chris to maximise their fun. I tagged along with Quinn. Chris was a lifesaver as Miranda would never have had the chance to enjoy herself as much as she did if it was just the three of us. The fair opens at noon, Wednesday through Sunday and parking is $7, cash only. Check their website for daily deals.
August 7Th was my ten year anniversary being in the United States, so after swimming in Grandmas pool we went for dinner at a small seafood restaurant in San Marino. I found this place using a really cool Yelp application from my iPhone. It has never failed us any time we have needed to find a restaurant. The place was called The San Marino Seafood Market and I recommend it to anyone who may be in that area. The fish was fresh and the service and location was amazing which can be hard to find these days.


  1. And you also took the kids to the beach! A fun-filled week indeed - way to go!

  2. Ah Miranda, I did forget to add the beach sorry :( I will be back though as its an excellent spot for the kids. I timed it perfect right after the street sweeper when everyone had moved their cars. Next time we will stay longer.
    Take care...