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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bizzy days

So today started with a visit to the dentist. All went very well and we learned that two front teeth will be leaving us soon.
Going to the dentist can go either way. It could be a battle to get there with lots of tears, screaming, throwing stuff around and that's just me, you don't even want to know how stubborn Miranda can be. Or it could be a really pleasant drive with no complications and lots of questions about teeth and gums and sugar bugs. Not until the examination is over, can you cease walking on the egg shells. It does help though to pull that ace from your pocket and throw in the "reward" word which I only like to use for times like these where any upset could be like a giant Japanese firework going off in the back seat. I had been promising to take Miranda to build her own bear at the conveniently named store and this became the reward for being excellent in the chair. If you choose to take this advice and use the reward scheme, tread lightly using it only a few times in a year as it may come back to haunt you.

Miranda helping build "Katie" which she named after the employee shown here.
Almost all stuffed, and doesn't Quinn have a lovely crown?

The finished bear. "Katie" is on her way home.

Katie is not impressed with Mr Vader.

Afterwards we planted some new herbs.

I even had Miranda help me rack my wine. Don't worry "pew" was her only thoughts on this stuff.
Quinn has recently been promoted from bouncy seat to high chair at the dinner table. You can see his happiness at this family decision, right? This is a huge novelty for Miranda to have her brother sit right beside her, did I say right beside her? I actually meant righhhhhttt beside her. Seriously she wont leave the little guy alone and takes forever to eat her own dinner. I'm not complaining, shes an excellent panda manager.

Finally, I was given some styling instruction from her majesty and this is what I created. I based it on a Jennifer Anniston look and I think I pulled it off. It also reminded me of my time in the eighties when I had my fringe hiding one eye, yip the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....
Have a nice weekend!!


  1. What a nice day! Know what you mean about Build A Bear. Elisa's lone trip there happened after we got all the way to DLand and then were told our passes weren't good that Sunday. Build A Bear to the rescue!

  2. Glad all went well at the Dentist - what a big girl! Quinn is becoming quite the big boy as well.

    Good stuff Dad.