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Friday, July 30, 2010

This Week

I decided to post some pictures of Quinn, the
poor little guy wasn't mentioned below.

Its been another busy week. Wednesday took us back to Miller Children's Hospital, luckily though this time it was for fun. For anyone who doesn't know, Miranda was diagnosed with type one diabetes in March 2009 and Miller is where our pediatrician sent us to be educated and initiated into the world of blood sugars and insulin. We have become good friends with various people at the hospital and anytime public relation work has to be done, Miranda is usually called upon. Her picture is on the covers of brochures and has even done some work with The Mayor of Long Beach, Bob Foster. This time the hospital was making a social media video and Miranda had to play the part of a child preparing for surgery. Myself and Maura also had to look the part of very relieved parents speaking to the doctor afterwards. Very simple but lots of fun and nice to see some familiar faces at Miller.

Thursday kept us on the diabetes train as we had a meeting with an insulin pump representative from Animas. We have been yearning to get Miranda on a pump as it will make her life so much easier. For example, in a typical month she might receive one hundred and fifty actual needle shots. If she goes on the pump that number will decrease to ten! Technology is changing and the pump is smaller than an iPhone.

Today was Miranda's last day of preschool. I don't think she has quite grasped the concept of never having to walk through those gates again. We have been telling her for a while now and I know its going to hit her eventually. Now we have summertime ahead of us and hopefully I will be filling this blog with all the wonderful and crazy things we end up doing. I cant believe how fast she is growing up. I'm so proud of what she has accomplished in five years and how she continues to amaze me everyday.


  1. What a big week for all of you. Were you at Miller's on Tuesday? They seemed to be setting up for something media related as we were leaving our catheter training that afternoon.

    I will be praying that all works out with Miranda getting a pump - what a blessing that will be.

    Lets try and do a playdate before the kids start kindergarten. It will be here way too soon. It's good to see a new picture of Quinn - he is SUCH a cutie!


  2. I really enjoy reading about your life now and I am so proud of you for being such a great Dad, I know Quinn and Miranda both will cherish this time spent with you later on when they grow older.


  3. How sweet! She is an amazing little girl...she freakin cartwheels already!!! :)