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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cookie Class

Trying to make a cookie meatball.

And the mess begins.

This is easy as pie...or cookie.

Thinking about when she can eat some.

The frog looks worried.

I know, I know!

I'm ready dad.
So while speed shopping in Trader Joe's the other day I spotted figs on sale. Wow I haven't had figs since I was a nipper, I put some in the cart thinking there must be something I could make with these juicy Mediterranean jewels, hmm... I should have put a little more thought into that idea. Anyway I came upon the fig cookie and summoned my helper. After she donned the appropriate kitchen attire we were ready to go. Now I love to have Miranda help me in the kitchen whenever possible but I am guilty of treating her more like an employee rather than a lackadaisical ball of five year old , hey the kitchen is a dangerous place and after all her first visit to the emergency room was because of an accident in the kitchen! I have been getting better though at just letting her do her own thing and not stressing about the end result. So what if the cookies don't turn out, we would still have fun, right? It pains me just to write that sentence.
I think my turning point was when I was watching Bill Granger on The Cooking Channel (highly recommend this channel) and he was baking with his five year old daughter and having so much fun that I thought I must change or Miranda will be a microwave queen growing up. I think as you look at the pictures you will be able to tell we definitely did have a fun time, though by the end I had to take some deep breaths and pour some more wine as small pieces of cookie dough came flying at my head!! Have fun.


  1. Gerry!! Looks like fun!
    I cant wait for Abygail to turn 4 or 5 so i can start cooking with her!

  2. So sweet - great captures in the photos. I feel anxious when C wants to help me int he kitchen too b/c P then wants up on the stool to get in the game too. I think I need to take your approach and relax about the whole thing and let them help and have fun in the kitchen.

  3. with figs I would like to make fig ice cream and fig greek yogurt. :) cute post!

  4. Ha Ha! I never stress about helpers in the kitchen, but then again my kitchen shows it!!