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Monday, September 13, 2010

Brownie Olympian

Working for Whole Foods Market always brought plenty of samples from vendors eager to get their product on the shelf. So when I was given a Cabernet brownie I thought this was the best idea I had seen in a while. My favorite wine inside a brownie, what could possibly be wrong with that? Well it was more of a cake consistency and I like my brownies more fudgy but the idea stayed in my head. Today I looked at the bottle of wine on my kitchen counter top and thought to myself there wasn't much left from last nights dinner, but wait, what about if I use it for the brownies. A quick google and I came upon a recipe courtesy of Cookie Madness. Remember I like my brownies on the fudgy side so I tweaked the recipe a little and I have to say I like them. They are soft yet easy to cut and I like the fact I can taste some wine in the mix, but not overpowering. These would be great with a red wine tasting.
A note about the wine, It was a gift from my brother in law, Ace and his wife Lindsay. They just got back from a honeymoon on the Spanish Island of Menorca. Thanks guys it went great with dinner and helped make these brownies. Now to search the booze cabinet for my next creation!