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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Tonight was a great night with friends. Kids playing and having fun, good food, wine and beer under a beautiful southern Californian sky. Maura took Miranda and Quinn to Grandma's today eventually ending up at a Greek festival where Miranda feasted on Octopus tentacles of all things. I stayed at home preparing dinner and dealing with some errands.
I cooked up some ribs with skillet corn bread. I added ears of corn basted with thyme butter and baked beans. To top it all off I made a chocolate ginger pudding pie, recipe courtesy of Arti's Party of the Food Network.
Some people might think my blog is slowly falling towards being a food blog. I can see why but it's still going to remain a family blog, an output for me to document what I get up to in a world where my bosses are MM&Q. The fact is I like to cook and now I have a little more time to plan what I get to cook makes it more enjoyable, a hobby maybe. Eating food is something the whole world has in common, wherever you travel or visit you know food is always going to be in your mind.

Eat, drink and eat a little more..........