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Monday, February 7, 2011

Gingerbreadchipcaramellynutty loaf....

Well I haven't blogged in along time and what better way to get back into it than with food. I was going to make my first blog be from Miranda's school pancake breakfast at the weekend but like any good blogger....I forgot to take the camera.

Today as I was rummaging in the cupboard  I saw the box of gingerbread mix which I bought at Trader's a long time ago. Today was the day it was going to meet some new friends, Mr egg and Mrs oil and be born into the cake it deserved to be, but I have a habit of doctoring things up. Sure I could have stuck to the recipe and had myself a nice piece of  dry gingerbread for supper, wait why the hell should I? So after some more foraging around I found multiple bags of nuts all of which had probably 2 tbsp in them each, a small amount of white choc chips and wait I knew there was a half jar of butter rum sauce in the fridge.

Guess where these useless amounts of ingredients ended up......

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