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Friday, November 12, 2010


I was going to make chicken tacos with the left over rotisserie meat but I decided to take the road to The Leaning Tower and this is what I came up with. You cant really go wrong with pizza and there's so many variations you could decide upon. Follow a few simple rules like not overdoing it with the toppings and rolling that crust out super thin and many faces will be smiling around the table. Not a lot of us have wood burning stoves in our kitchen so crank that oven up high and place the pizza straight onto the oven deck. I use a flattened out serving platter as a means to scooping the pizza up and transferring it to the oven. Keep turning it if you have to prevent it from burning.If you decide to make your own try the dough balls from Whole Foods, you can get them over by the deli where they use the same dough to make the store pizzas, they are way more original than Trader Joes and I am a fan of TJ's but their dough is terrible. Once you get your dough leave it out at room temp for at least 30 minutes. This makes it easier to roll out and makes for a nice chewy crust. Make sure to par bake the rolled out crust in a 450 degree oven for 5-7 minutes and this will make it strong enough to hold those toppings.

  The dough ready for its first bake with an olive oil glaze

   My choice of sauce

After the first bake


  I used some smoked fontina cheese

 Ready for the oven, 450 degrees

 Topped with some fresh basil

 Ready to eat


  1. I never thought to bake the pizza dough first for a bit, brilliant! Thanks for the obvious answer to my doughy uncooked pizza woes :)